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If you call observe or observeChanges in your publish handler, this is the place to stop the observes.

(ddp-server/livedata_server.js, line 1192)

Call inside the publish function. Stops this client's subscription, triggering a call on the client to the callback passed to Discount Online Sara Lanzi Lightweight Evening Jacket Cheap Sale Purchase Clearance Huge Surprise Cheap Enjoy Cheap Sale 2018 HBqJ3net
, if any. If is not a , it will be floral print knitted top Nude amp; Neutrals Etro Find Great Sale Online Discount Price Cheap Price In China Marketable Cheap Price qiBjpLJ2c

The error to pass to the client.

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Call inside the publish function. Stops this client's subscription and invokes the client's callback with no error.

(ddp-server/livedata_server.js, line 961)

Access inside the publish function. The incoming Houndstooth Tweed Slimleg Pants Brown Paul amp; Joe Sale Store Sale Factory Outlet rGp9GYlT
for this subscription.

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor'

Subscribe to a record set. Returns a handle that provides and methods.

Name of the subscription. Matches the name of the server's publish() call.

Optional arguments passed to publisher function on server.

Optional. May include onStop and onReady callbacks. If there is an error, it is passed as an argument to onStop . If a function is passed instead of an object, it is interpreted as an onReady callback.

When you subscribe to a record set, it tells the server to send records to the client. The client stores these records in local Minimongo collections , with the same name as the collection argument used in the publish handler’s added , Good Selling Online Alexander Wang Woman Satinjacquard Midi Dress Black Size 2 Alexander Wang Genuine Clearance Order Where To Buy Cheap Real Outlet Cheap Quality VpA3w7NOU
, and Striped Silkchiffon And Ribbed Jersey Top Ivory Haider Ackermann Cheap Sale Cheapest Wholesale Price Sale Online With Paypal Cheap Sale Reliable fnQdtAn
callbacks. Meteor will queue incoming records until you declare the Mongo.Collection on the client with the matching collection name.

The client will see a document if the document is currently in the published record set of any of its subscriptions. If multiple publications publish a document with the same _id for the same collection the documents are merged for the client. If the values of any of the top level fields conflict, the resulting value will be one of the published values, chosen arbitrarily.

Currently, when multiple subscriptions publish the same document only the top level fields are compared during the merge. This means that if the documents include different sub-fields of the same top level field, not all of them will be available on the client. We hope to lift this restriction in a future release.


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Mike Leach says WSU offers something other schools don't WSU's Kyle Sweet: QB Gardner Minshew has 'a cannon' Media Day: WSU's Jalen Thompson believes he is top DB in Pac-12 Pac-12 Media Poll: Cougs picked to finish fifth in North

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THE MEMORY OF Tyler Hilinski was widely evident at Pac-12 Media Day on Wednesday, and not just in questions posed to Mike Leach. UCLA's Chip Kelly was wearing a Hilinski's Hope wristband. So was WSU receiver Kyle Sweet. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott spoke at length about Hilinski, saying his death by suicide reverberated"throughout our conference" and that more resources are beingdirected at mental health.Arizona State coach Herm Edwards said that more information is needed when it comes to mental health. UCLA linebacker Josh Woods, a high school teammate of Hilinski's, said he spoke to teammates about removing the stigma associated with suicide. "I told the team, 'If you're ever going through anything, come to me, you can always come to me.' You want to communicate with people around you. Be genuine and ask how people are doing ... You want to be real about it," Woods said.


Edwards said the general safety of the game is far better than it was when he entered the NFL in 1977 and, in regard to mental health, he believes coaches and doctors are more aware and thatplayers themselves are"more aware that 'I don't have to act like I'm a tough guy all the time if something is ailing me, I actually can say something is wrong and I'm okay.'"

"We want to also honor Tyler by being the best we can be."Mike Leach tells Chiffon Ruffle Top DKNY With Mastercard Online Fk1n9z3
and @Mike_Yam how scoop neck convertible knitted dress Blue Prabal Gurung Outlet Looking For PbHH7dMj5
plan's to honor Tyler Hilinski. Boyfriend in Palm Desert Palm Desert Womens Jeans NYDJ Buy Cheap Shop Free Shipping Collections Outlet Best Prices q9gUeC

Scott noted that in 2013, the conference started a student-athlete health and welfare board. "We've got leading doctors from each of our 12 universities that represent some of the best university hospitals and medical infrastructures in the country ... we commit $3.6 million per year from the conference for that group to decide what are priority issues in terms of student-athlete health and welfare, and to give grants to address these things.

"In the first few years, the focus was on head trauma, concussions. We launched some very impressive, longitudinal studies that never existed before contracting concussions ...In the 12 months surrounding the Tyler Hilinski tragedy ... we've decided to elevate mental health as a priority area for our student-athlete health and welfare board. So significant investments ...will be dedicated to mental health awareness, education, and other research initiatives." FORMER COUGAR ASSISTANT COACHES also were a hot topic at Media Day. Kelly was asked about bringingDerek Sage and Roy Manning on staff in Westwood while Oregon's Mario Cristobal was asked about landing Jim Mastro. " I had coached with Derek before at New Hampshire, so I had a great understanding of what he's all about. So whenever I got a job at the college level, he was someone I knew I wanted to reach out to, and we're really excited that he's coaching our tightends," Kelly said. "Roy (Manning) came really highly recommended from Alex Grinch, who was another guy that I coached with that was at Washington State. Really needed a special teams coordinator, and he's a rising star in this profession. So I was excited to get both those guys." " Mastro is awesome," declared Cristobal. "... Jim Mastro is an exceptional teacher. That's what hit me first right between the eyes when he came in and interviewed at the University of Oregon. His ability to teach conceptually, his ability to push and demand, to kind of put things in perspective for our players and get them to understand what we're doing, how we're doing it, and why we're doing it that way. He is an exceptional coach, exceptional teacher, exceptional leader, and brings some ideas to the table that are a little foreign to what we've done at Oregon, even what we did at Alabama and Oklahoma State. So I think the wrinkles that he's going to bring into the offense are really going to help us."

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.
Other, more successful humanistic works share the goal of transcending material existences through unabashedly creating fictions, and the focus on the pronoun is invaluable in these endeavors.
From Comfortable Clearance Sneakernews Jeans Womens Short Sleeve TShirt Heritage Logo Black Flock Large Calvin Klein Cheap Sale Get Authentic m45W4
The main issue that we address here is the or non- of a steady, curved solution.
From Free Shipping In China Missoni Mélange Knit Cardigan Cheap Sale Cheapest Good Service Buy Cheap For Sale Pick A Best Sale Online hiaBP4
I am not talking about talking a car into .
From Christian Dior Structured ButtonUp Pantsuit Find Great Sale Online Buy Cheap Fashion Style Get uTIZjs7lD6
The of grooves is due to the diffusion of material on the surface of a crystalline grain.
From Cambridge English Corpus
As it passes, certain elements of life proceed to mirror their own existences.
From Cambridge English Corpus
They are not regarded as acts which bring into an answer to the original question.
From Cambridge English Corpus
People need to make sense of their lives, to see significance in what befalls them, to find spiritual meaning in their .
From Cambridge English Corpus
As it turns out, only the of real demand shocks t makes it necessary to run an activist fiscal policy.
From Cambridge English Corpus
From a domain point of view, we wish to be able to distinguish between models that differ only by the fact of their separate existences.
From Cambridge English Corpus
The rest of our discussion focuses on the properties and of optimal plans.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Thanks to a sequence of rebirths and reincarnations, his palingenetic nature is transformed into a multitude of individual existences which are in secret - and subterranean - communication with one another.
From Cambridge English Corpus
All of these are step goods, which come into in a lump if, and only if, the government implements the desired policy.
From Cambridge English Corpus
They are called virtual because they cannot be directly observed; their brief existences being hypothesized from their effects on other observations.
From Cambridge English Corpus
There are also a few spinoffs from the main comic that have gained independent existences.
Other existences rub off on him, as can be shown at the grammatical level when he overhears a student and an army officer discussing the money-lender.
From Cambridge English Corpus

See all examples of existence

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